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Cosmetic tattoo FAQ


What is cosmetic tattooing?

Also known as semi-permanent make up or micropigmentation, this is the process of implanting color just below the surface of the skin. This is a custom process for each individual to create enhancement or a natural definition of your facial features.  

Does it hurt ?

Top of the line topical numbing cream is used on the skin prior to the procedure so that you are as comfortable as possible. However, each individual will have a different pain tolerance. If you have a low pain tolerance you may wish to have a non-blood thinning pain medication such as Tylenol.  Monthly cycles and consuming alcohol within the prior 24 hours may also affect your pain tolerance. 

How long can I expect this to last ?

Typically the procedure will last 1-3 years, although environmental and individual factors will vary in everyone. The main factors that may impact when you require a refresher include : 

  • UVA or sun exposure. Always use protection.
  • Treatments such as chemical peels, laser, microdermabrasion or topical resurfacing creams.
  • Pigments are iron oxide based, if you are iron deficient your tattoo may fade more quickly .

Everyone will heal differently. No guarantees can be made on exactly how long this will last or if you will require additional touch ups. No guarantees can be made in terms of whether your tattoo will eventually fade off completely, or if there may be pigment remaining. 

How many times will I need a touch up and will I always need to continue having them?

On average a touch up is required every 1-3 years. (this would be following your 4-6 week touch up after your initial appointment). Some clients may fade more quickly and choose to visit more frequently. We can not offer a guarantee on when you will need your touch up from fading or any changes in color, as we can not predict your activities post tattoo (such as aftercare, sun exposure, abrasive cosmetic treatments, face creams, etc). 

What type of products are used?

We only use 100% disposable needles and microstroking tools that are in sterile pre-packaging opened in front of you. They are disposed of safely in a sharps container immediately after your treatment. 

Our pigments are a safe and iron-oxide based. These pigments are specifically formulated for permanent make up so that over time the body will break them down and they will fade out. As we age our face changes and so does style. This is why we do not use body art ink on the face. Our goal is to create natural enhancement with youthful semi-permanent make up.

Is this safe?

Along with using only the safest products, we are proud to be 100% Alberta Health Services inspected and approved. We strictly adhere to the rules and regulations of Alberta Health Services (AHS) and also Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Laura is fully certified in blood borne-pathogen safety through OSHA and certified through AHS on invasive and non invasive procedures safety. 


How is shape and colour determined and will this look natural?

Laura has been in the beauty industry for over 15 years giving her knowledge and experience with all types of face shapes and features. Make-up artistry and extensive color theory education give Laura an advantage when it comes to designing with you. Our goal is you leave feeling polished, youthful and natural. The pigment is implanted in your skin as opposed to on your skins surface as make-up or cosmetics would be. The pigment will not fully replace your make-up. You may still wish to apply your regular make up if you prefer a bold look.

A consultation is always done prior, where we create your design and measure, then draw on a "stencil". We will create your stencil design together and ensure we are both satisfied. 

Will I be satisfied after my touch up?

It is important to know that results will be different on everyone. Some people may wish to have additional touch-ups to achieve their desired outcome which will be priced accordingly as a regular touch up.  Realistic expectations are also very important. No eyebrows are exactly symmetrical or will have a perfectly symmetrical result. Please consider your personal expectations prior to booking.

How will the area look immediately after the treatment?

Please note to plan your appointment around any upcoming activities around the appearance of your immediate result.

  • Your eyebrows and lips will look much larger and much darker for 3-7 days before the area starts to calm down. The area is generally slightly swollen and freshly implanted pigment will appear larger.The size of your brows or lips will come down day by day. 7-14 days post procedure you will notice the area starting looking more natural. Allow the area fully heal for at least 4-6 weeks and the appearance to soften. 

  • Your lash enhancement or eyeliner may swell or look larger and will look bold. This does not tend to last as long as lips or brows. Allow for 2-5 days for calming of the area. 

Are there any risks?

You will be asked to fill out an extensive medical questionnaire at your appointment. This will ensure there are no risks that would prevent proceeding with the treatment. A patch test is always available when there are concerns. Pigment allergic reactions are very rare and uncommon. 

If I don't like my micro-pigmentation from another artist, do I have options ?

You have options. Correctional work is a great option if the incorrect pigment was used or has changed in colour. The shape and size can be adjusted to better suit your needs. There are lightening options as well. This involves a lightening solution to lift out color in order to design a new shape. 

How long does the procedure take?

Generally your appointment will be approximately 2 hours. This allows for consultation and design time as well as numbing and your cosmetic treatment. 

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